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What you need is just this app


Duration | Feb 2023 – Mar 2023
Role | Research, Survey, UI/UX Design, Branding
Software | Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma
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IN2 Church

IN2 Church project aims to redesign the app for a local church in New York to centralize information from five different communities. This will streamline internal work processes and enhance communication with church members.
Nov 2023 – Feb 2024
User Research
UX Design
Design Implemetation
1 Creative Director
1 Stakeholder
1 PM (Project Manager)
2 Designers

Relaunch Date

Feb 4, 2024

User Increase (as of May 17)

+1,036 users


The largest Korean American Church in NYC

Onnuri is one of the largest churches in South Korea, with 14 branches in the United States. IN2 Onnuri is the New York branch, serving over 1,000 members across five different communities.


All information was decentralized, so only 2% of the members used the church app.

Due to a lack of content, there was no motivation to download the app. People don't typically use another app solely to find YouTube videos, ads, and information about the church, especially when these are already accessible on the website.


How might we help the local church to simplify the workflow and effectively communicate with its members?


The church app that centralizes all information.

1. Consolidating all registration links

At IN2 church, we promote events using presentation slides, requiring church members to scan multiple QR codes for registration. To streamline this process, we've centralized all registration links within the app.

2. Centralizing all worship resources

We provide the Bible, personal sermon notes, and YouTube live streaming video all within our app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. User can also easily share their notes with others using the app.


To attract church members to download the app for efficient information delivery.


To create an interface design that is accessible to all generations.


To create an intuitive interface that enables users to spend less time checking other people's portfolios.


Qualitative Survey – 20 church members


Church members use multiple apps for their religious activities.

They primarily use the Bible, YouTube, Instagram, and personal note/tracker apps for their daily religious activities or to access church information. Some also prefer using paper notepads to jot down sermon and prayer notes.

Our team used Pushpay, a code-free app builder, which offers limited features compared to the usual development process. This limitation required me to assess the platform's available features before brainstorming ideas. I listed all user needs and sorted them based on feasibility to ensure an effective redesign.


I noticed that all user needs are categorized into five specific themes. Based on this, I regrouped the content for better alignment and added additional relevant content to provide a smoother user experience.


I noticed that all user needs are categorized into five specific themes. Based on this, I regrouped the content for better alignment and added additional relevant content to provide a smoother user experience.


Stay Updated and Explore

IN2 Church occasionally changes its worship location, and our app promptly notifies users of these changes. Additionally, users can explore all the details about the church, community, and worship, while enjoying free access to reading the Bible and other resources.

Simplified Event Registration

Users can effortlessly review the details of each event (ad) and register for it with a simple click, eliminating the need to search for presentation slides or scan a QR code.

Note-taking during worship or videos

While participating in Sunday worship or watching a YouTube video, users can take down personal notes using the app.

Export and share your notes

Users can export notes to personal apps on their phones or share them with friends.


The approach to each project should be different

At the outset, our design team brainstormed ideas and crafted wireframes on Figma. However, we soon realized that none were feasible due to the limitations of a code-free app development platform. This is an uncommon challenge for designers, so a thorough analysis of the platform was necessary to identify feasible features for design and development. Based on these findings, we successfully mapped out and built the platform, ensuring it aligned with user needs and business objectives.

If we had continued designing without recognizing these technical constraints, we would have had to extend the timeline and risk missing deadlines. Every project presents unique challenges, and what I learned is the importance of analyzing the factors that can halt progress in a project.