IN2 Church

Product Designer / Nov 2023 – Feb 2024 / UX Design, Visual Direction

IN2 Church

Product Designer
Nov 2023 – Feb 2024
UX Design, Visual Direction

Project Overview

This project aims to relaunch the church app for IN2 Church in New York, enhancing usability and visuals to provide a richer religious experience for over 1,000 members. Collaborating with a project manager, art director, project director, and UX designer, I led the design team, making crucial design decisions for the app. IN2 Church, known for its diversity, guided my focus towards creating the most intuitive and inclusive user experience for all communities to utilize our app. While working with the code-free church app development platform, Pushpay, which comes with numerous technical constraints, I seized the opportunity to depart from traditional design thinking processes. This allowed me to find a balance between technical constraints, user needs, and the specific requirements of the church.

Relaunch Date

Feb 4, 2024

User Increase (as of Mar 29)

+906 users


Problem Statement

How might we support church members in actively using the app to enrich their religious lives while considering technical constraints?



Richer experience of worship in one app:

We provide the Bible, personal sermon notes, and YouTube live streaming video all within our app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. User can also easily share their notes with others using the app.

Easy registration without scanning multiple QR codes

At IN2 church, we promote events using presentation slides, requiring church members to scan multiple QR codes for registration. To streamline this process, we've centralized all registration links within the app.

Problem A

IN2 Church is the largest Korean church in NYC, and it boasts over 1,000 church members. Despite this, only 2% (about 20 people) of the members have used the church app.

Due to a lack of content, there was no motivation to download the app. People don't typically use another app solely to find YouTube videos, ads, and information about the church, especially when these are already accessible on the website.


Initial User Needs

To create an engaging app, I conducted user research with the church members to understand their daily religious activities and identify their needs.

Problem B

Limited design and functions available on the platform, Pushpay

To streamline the offering process and tracking for the church and its members, our team had to utilize Pushpay, a specialized platform for developing church apps. Unlike the usual development approach that allows more design freedom, I had to assess the available features of the platform before brainstorming ideas.


Feasible User Needs

After conducting a thorough analysis of the Pushpay platform, we sorted the lists of user needs based on feasibility and focused on addressing them.


Information Architect (IA)

I noticed that all the user needs are categorized into five specific themes. Based on this, I regrouped the content that aligns more closely and added additional relevant content.



Throughout the testing phase, we created various layouts to determine the most intuitive and consistent design. The platform only supports two types of image boxes: square and rectangular. To facilitate event registration within the app, we opted for the rectangular option, which can link to another website.

Furthermore, for overall app uniformity, our art director customized all banners exclusively for the app. She has been designing new banners continuously up to the present moment.


Final Product

Stay Updated and Explore

IN2 Church occasionally changes its worship location, and our app promptly notifies users of these changes. Additionally, users can explore all the details about the church, community, and worship, while enjoying free access to reading the Bible and other resources.

Simplified Event Registration

Users can effortlessly review the details of each event (ad) and register for it with a simple click, eliminating the need to search for presentation slides or scan a QR code.

Note-taking during worship or videos

While participating in Sunday worship or watching a YouTube video, users can take down personal notes using the app.

Export and share your notes

Users can export notes to personal apps on their phones or share them with friends.



Technical constraints? Then think outside of the box.

When I learned about the UX design process, it typically follows these steps:

In this project, however, we've adapted the sequence to:‍

At the beginning, as a design team, we shared our ideas and crafted wireframes on Figma. However, we soon realized that implementing our initial concepts into the app using the traditional design process presented significant challenges. As a result, we decided to explore the platform to identify features we could design and develop, focusing on feasible designs within our limited capabilities.

Unfortunately, our team lacked a developer who could assist us in making more advanced design decisions. Yet, we recognized the limitations we faced. In such situations, we aimed to be flexible and figure out how to manage tasks, even if it meant deviating from the standard process